Dr. Becky Carr Imhauser
Speaker and Conference Leader

I should have known not to say “never.” I said I’d never marry again when my husband (the Rev. Dr. Steve Carr) died suddenly at age 42. We were in Branson at the time, on vacation to celebrate our son’s seventh birthday.

And if I did marry again (which was safe to say, since I wouldn’t), I would never hold the ceremony in the church where Steve had served as a minister and where our wedding had taken place. Never.

And if I did have a wedding in that church (again, safe to say, because it wouldn’t happen), I would never serve cake and punch in the church fellowship hall.

I did get married again, in that church, to Bill Imhauser. Bill, a never-married deacon, was my Sunday School teacher. Only God could have orchestrated our match. My son first viewed Bill as a grown-up friend who enjoyed talking about tractors and combines. My daughter simply asked Bill if he would be her daddy. Together, they conspired to post a photo of a bride and groom in a John Deere Gator on our refrigerator. My son added a note to the photo: “For when you and Bill get married.” I noticed the photo the day after hosting a large church gathering at my home. Yes, Bill was part of that group—and he didn’t run when he still had the chance!

Back to my “nevers”—Two out of three aren’t bad. We didn’t have cake and punch in the church fellowship hall. Instead, our new family took a carriage ride to a historic hotel for the wedding reception.

Becky’s experiences with loss and recovery were the subject of a feature story in Working Mother magazine entitled “When Bad Things Happen to Good Friends.” She frequently tells her own story about God’s grace to church and civic groups. She has spoken during conferences at Ridgecrest in the Midwest, Windermere Assembly, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, William Jewell College, and numerous associational and church events.

A former magazine and newspaper editor, Becky is the author of 14 books. She has published more than 2,500 articles in national periodicals. Her work has appeared in Home Life, Mature Living, Open Windows, and Church Administration magazines. She is a frequent curriculum writer for LifeWay Christian resources. Becky also has written for Baptist newspapers on the state and national level.

Becky holds a bachelor’s degree in English and Religion from William Jewell College and master’s and doctorate degrees from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.


Becky’s presentations include:
• Grief and Recovery
• Blended Families
• Singles Ministry
• Ministry and Deacon Wives
• Senior Adults
• Small-Group Leadership
• Bible Study Leadership
• Celebrating Church Milestones
• Writing Church Histories

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