Life & Times Along Muddy
A Scrapbook History of Early Pettis County, Mo., and Sedalia

By Becky Imhauser and Betty Wasson Singer

292 pages, 150+ photos and illustrations
Indexed; signed by the author


This book provides a glimpse into everyday events and happenings in communities along Pettis County’s Muddy Creek, including Mt. Herman, Bothwell Lodge, and Georgetown. It also chronicles the development of early Sedalia with an illustrated timeline that runs throughout the book.

The book includes “Mt. Herman Revisited,” a complement to Just Like a Visit: A Personal, Historical Stroll Through Mt. Herman Cemetery by Betty Wasson Singer. Mt. Herman is Pettis County’s oldest cemetery. “Mt. Herman Revisited” provides additional obituaries and genealogical data about people buried in Mt. Herman Cemetery and their family members buried at other locations.

Life & Times Along Muddy is part of Betty Wasson Singer’s illustrated histories of rural communities and cemeteries in Pettis County. Others in the series include Mt. Herman Cemetery and the Bothwell Community, Hopewell Cemetery and the Newland/Pin Hook Community, and Longwood Cemetery and Community.

Featured Families Include:
Abney, Adams, Allen, Alexander, Anderson, Andrews, Bales, Bellmer, Benningfield, Benscoter, Biggs, Bolles, Bothwell, Bridges, Bright, Brown, Browning, Burnett, Butcher, Bybee, Card, Carter, Castle, Casto, Chadwick, Chatham, Cloney, Cole, Connor, Cooper, Cotton, Crain, Cravens, Crispin, Cross, Culp, Cummings, Daniel, Decker, DeJarnette, Dillard, Dirck, Ditton, Dorsey, Dow, Duffield, Durley, Ellis, Erskine, Estes, Estill, Everhart, Farris, Ferguson, Fidler, Fimple, Fristoe, Gentry, Gower, Greer, Grimes, Grueben, Haggard, Hall, Heinzelman, Henderson, Hieronymus, Hill, Hoch, Holmes, Huff, Hughes, Hunt, Hutchinson, Isch, Jaeckel, Jaegels, Jerriell, Jones, Kabler, Kelley, Kidd, Knox, Knutz, Kokendoffer, Kulp, Lewis, Luther, Madden, Marsh, McClure, McKenzie, McMacin, McMullin, McNew, Mather, Mehrens, Mettenborgh, Mettenburg, Meyer, Mills, Mitchell, Mittenburg , Moad, Moore, Moseby, Motz, Newland, Newman, Nye, O’Bannon, O’Connell, O’Dell, Patterson, Payne, Perry, Phillips, Pilcher, Porter, Powell, Primm, Puntney, Rader, Raines, Ramey, Raus, Rayl, Ream, Rector, Redden, Reed, Reid, Rhoads, Rice, Richards, Richardson, Roedel, Rogers, Ross, Rothganger, Rumsey, Runge, Scott, Sellers, Sewell, Shaw, Siard, Sievers, Skinner, Smith, Snead, Spears, Spidell, Sprinkle, Sprinkles, Steele, Stephens, Swope, Swopes, Tavener, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Thomson, Tindle, Trent, Tucker, Turley, Turman, Van Hook, Wagner, Waller, Walsh, Wasson, Weathers, Welch, West, White, Whiteman, Whitfield, Winch, Wise, Wood, Woods, Wooldridge, Wright, Yeater, Yost, Young, Zilhart

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Becky Carr Imhauser &
Betty Wasson Singer
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