Down by Pin Hook

A Visit to the Hopewell Community and Cemetery—Pettis County, Mo.

By Betty Wasson Singer and Becky Imhauser

288 pages, 150+ photos and illustrations
Indexed; signed by the authors


Down by Pin Hook tells the stories of people associated with the birthplace of Pettis County: Pin Hook. It begins with an overview of Pettis County from 1817-1869, including its first settlers and their involvement in the Civil War. The book features a scrapbook history of the everyday lives of people in the Hopewell/Newland community, with photos, news items and historic land and plat maps of Pin Hook, Georgetown, and Thornleigh. Read about how people lived—births, birthdays, anniversaries, school, church, and community events. Discover how some died. Can you believe a man named “Welcome” was involved in, and subsequently died from, a shooting and stabbing by a neighbor who visited his home?

Down by Pin Hook is part of Betty Wasson Singer’s illustrated histories of rural communities and cemeteries in Pettis County. Others in the series include the Mt. Herman Cemetery and the Bothwell Community and the Longwood Cemetery and Community.

Featured Families Include:
Anders, Bake, Baldwin, Ballard, Barr, Bartlett, Bass, Beckner, Benham, Bennett, Bigelow, Bradley, Brisley, Broyles, Burk, Burnett, Butterbaugh, Cabiness, Campbell, Cathey, Cotton, Crafton, Craig, Cramer, Cress, Cretcher, Crow, Cummins, Curnutt, Davis, Davis, Decker, DeWitt, Dibben, Dillard, Done, Douglas, DuBose, Duffield, Dybro, Edwards, Ellis, Ellitt, Fair, Fields, Foley, Fritts, Gervais, Giddens, Golden, Goolsby, Greer, Gregory, Gwin, Hammond, Harris, Hickenbottom, Hieronymus, Hill, Hilligoss, Hollenbeck, Holman, Hood, Houtchens, Hudson, Hughes, Isaac, Jordan, Kelsey, Kemp, Kowalski, Laudenberger, Lee, Lietzke, Loucks, Ludemann, Mahalovich, May, Mayes, McMullin, McNeal, McNutt, Milam, Miller, Moon, Moore, Mosby, Morey, Nelson, Newland, Norris, Norton, Parkhurst, Parrish, Payne, Phillips, Pierce, Piers, Poindexter, Poynter, Rader, Ramey, Raney, Ream, Reed, Reine, Rhine, Rhoads, Robertson, Roll, Rumsey, Rutter, Salmon, Schulz, Scott, Smith, Southard, Stewart, Stout, Strole, Suddath, Sutherlin, Swope, Taylor, Thomas, Thomson, Thornton, Tullis, Vaughan, Walker, Wallace, Wasson, Welch, Wheeler, Williams, Wilson, Wood


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Becky Carr Imhauser &
Betty Wasson Singer
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