A Town of Their Own: A Visit to Longwood, Mo.
by Betty Wasson Singer


A Town of Their Own by Betty Wasson Singer is an illustrated visit to the town of Longwood, Mo., located 18 miles northeast of Sedalia, Mo. The 368-page book contains more than 300 photos. You’ll meet people who settled there and share their celebrations and sorrows. You’ll visit their stores, lodges, churches, schools, and homes. The book contains photos and complete genealogical data about more than 700 persons buried at Longwood Cemetery. It also includes profiles of their “extended family,” or relatives and friends, as well as information about Colorado Cemetery.
Signed by the author.



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Featured Families Include:
Alexander, Allen, Allison, Alspach, Alspaugh, Alspaw, Alton, Alwell, Ambrose, Anderson, Armstrong, Arnest, Arnett, Arnold, Ash, Aubushon, Ayres, Bagnell, Bailey, Baker, Baldwin, Barley, Barnes, Barnett, Barnhill, Bealert, Bell, Belwood, Berry, Birk, Bishop, Blackburn, Black, Blackwell, Blum, Boatright, Brummett, Bullard, Bunch, Burford, Burlingame, Burton, Butterbaugh, Butterwick, Butts, Buxton, Byrd, Caldwell, Callis, Campbell, Capen, Cartwright, Cayton, Chamberlain, Chamberlin, Chaney, Chastain, Cheatham, Christensen, Clark, Claycomb, Clifford, Clopton, Coffelt, Colaflower, Collins, Conaway, Connor, Cooper, Cousins, Craigg, Crawford, Crockett, Cummins, Cunningham, Curry, Curtis, Danner, Davis, DeJarnette, Dickerson, Dillon, Dilthey, Dinwidie, Dixon, Donnell, Dotson, Douglas, Dowdy, Dow, Driskell, Duffield, Durley, Edwards, Elliott, Ellis, Elmore, Epple, Estes, Ezell, Farris, Feris, Ficken, Field, Finley, Finnell, Foley, Ford, Fowler, French, Fristoe, Gabriel, Garrett, Garrigus, Gentry, George, Gillespie, Glass, Glasscock, Glazebrook, Golay, Gorrell, Gray, Green, Greer, Griffith, Grimes, Grinstead, Guenther, Guier, Haggard, Haley, Hall, Hammond, Hanley, Hansbro, Hansbrough, Harper, Harris, Hartman, Harvey, Hayes, Head, Hedger, Henderson, Hess, Hieronymus, Hoffman, Holder, Hollenbeck, Holman, Hopkins, Houston, Howe, Huff, Hughes, Hunter, Hurt, Jackson, Jeffries, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, Jopling, Kabler, Karrick, Kays, Kearney, Kelly, Kelley, Kemp, Kennedy, Kindler, King, Kirkpatrick, Lake, Lakin, Lane, Latimer, Lauer, Lawler, Lawson, Leaton, Leftwich, Lewis, Lightfoot, Longan, Lower, Luther, Lynn, Lyon, Major, Manley, Marr, Marshall, Martin, May, McClellan, McClure, McCurdy, McDaniel, McDonald, McFarland, McGuire, McMullin, McNeish, McQuitty, Menefee, Meyer, Michael, Miller, Mitchell, Moffett, Montgomery, Morgan, Morris, Mullin, Mullins, Murphy, Naylor, Neal, Nichols, Nunn, Orear, Orr, Owen, Pace, Parker, Parkhurst, Patterson, Payne, Paxson, Pemberton, Perkins, Phillips, Pile, Pilkenton, Porter, Pottenger, Potter, Powell, Priest, Primm, Prowell, Pummill, Quaintance, Quick, Rader, Raines, Ramey, Rayl, Ream, Rector, Redcay, Reed, Reid, Renison, Rennison, Renno, Rhodes, Rice, Richardson, Riley, Robbins, Robb, Roberts, Rodda, Rogers, Rowlett, Rowlette, Rumsey, Ryan, Sampson, Schanz, Schloemer, Schlomer, Schondelmaier, Schondelmeyer, Schroeder, Schupp, Scott, Sellers, Settles, Shackleford, Shoemaker, Short, Shull, Singer, Skinner, Slaughter, Smiley, Smith, Sombart, Sommers, Sowash, Spears, Spencer, Staples, Stephens, Stevens, Stockton, Strole, Sullivan, Swartzel, Swope, Tabler, Taylor, Tevis, Thomas, Thomson, Thornton, Thurman, Tickameyer, Tickemyer, Timberman, Todd, Toombs, Toussaint, Turner, Tyler, Vanatta, Viar, Voight, Vollrath, Walk, Walker, Ward, Wells, Wheeler, Wilcox, Wilkerson, Willard, Williams, Wingfield, Witcher, Wood, Woodson, Young, Younger, Zoll, Zumalt


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